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So here’s the deal. We’re looking for freelancers that are wanting to share their freelancing expertise to our readers. Because we’re real people…and busy ones at that…we need to bring in some new faces to the blog. Is that you? Well if you made it here then I hope so.


We’re looking for in-depth, quality articles to our freelance community.
Our reader are really interested in ways to grow their business through means of bootstrapping and cost effective solutions. Not everything written needs to be about how to save money but we see that trend being one of the hot topics.

Stuff we need you to write about:
Online Business Development
SEO Management
Social Media Consulting
A Day in the Life of a Freelancer
Popular Freelancers / w interview.
Graphic Design Idea for Freelancers
Money Saving Tips for Freelancers
Social Media Apps
Phone Apps
Importance of a Daily Schedule
How to Set Up a Website
How to Use Social Media
Freelance Experts
Building Communities & Tribes
Marketing Tips

The list above are ideas we have that can be used as a guide for articles. There are many other ideas and we’ll leave those up to you.


Make sure your article has an intro and is structured with short paragraphs and generous headings. We will be grabbing the title and part of the intro for tweets and so we recommend a descriptive title and intro to be in place.


Freelance Shack is still a very new blog and because we’ve not yet monetized the website, we are not able to pay for writers. “So what your saying your not going to pay us for our time?” – You

Yes, but we’re offering credit at the top and bottom of each article which is not such a bad deal. At this time we’re getting around 400 hits a day and this is because we’re not producing articles fast enough. In September we saw 2000-3000 hits per day coming our way. Our marketing team will focus on getting your articles the maximum exposure if you’re willing to contribute for that exposure. Your time will be well worth it, we promise!


You grant exclusive rights to publish the article and uploaded files to FreelanceShack. This means that no other site (including your own) can publish a full version of the article. That’s it – This will keep everyone happy.

So lets get started and get you some credit.

Submit Articles to admin@freelanceshack.com
Please include where you would like the credited link to send are readers to and a short bio of yourself.

Thanks again! We’ll hopefully hear from you soon!

- Sam Georges ( blog manager. aka, I’m the main contact if you need me ) Find me on twitter.com/daftspunk

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