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Financing Your Startup Company the Right Way the First Time

Posted on 03. May, 2011 by .


You’ve developed a business concept and now you need the financing to make your dream into reality. Before you drain your personal savings to try to start your company, take time to research the financing process. With a bit of planning and research, you will help ensure that you have financing set-up to help you [...]

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3 Benefits for Using a Pseudonym

Posted on 29. Apr, 2011 by .


3 Benefits for Using a Pseudonym For nearly a decade, I’ve been using my middle name instead of my given name for my professional and creative endeavors. This decision initially confused and amused friends and family, but with the increasing prevalence of social media, search engines and identity theft, people have become more aware of [...]

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A Sexy Business Card: 6 Reasons Freelancers Need One

A Sexy Business Card: 6 Reasons Freelancers Need One

Posted on 23. Sep, 2009 by .


An excellent marketing technique which is sometimes overlooked and usually undervalued is to hand out business cards. A successful business card can have some very healthy advantages. Below I have discussed why it is a vital marketing technique which will fuel your career. 1. Impression A business card can leave a lasting impression on the [...]

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